Aftermarket Buyer

Full Time - Permanent
Competitive salary

Job purpose

As an Aftermarket Buyer, you will carry out value addition sourcing for a complete supply chain solution and maintain and manage a wide range of commodities. As a key member of the procurement team you will own all aspects of the supplier control processes including the effective planning, buying and expediting of commodity spend. You will also ensure that working capital targets are maintained and do not exceed where possible the planned forecast for each commodity at the same time work towards effective inventory and working capital reductions. In addition, you will be able to carry out your role and complete the job to the required quality standard. A key part of this role is to support all new product requests from our customer base and buy at the correct and competitive market price to enable future sales and business growth

Duties and responsibilities

• To use the existing Optare business plan to identify and develop a strategic and commercial solution using the existing and new supplier base which will deliver the best overall supply chain solution.

• To deliver effective working capital reductions and control via improvement of inventory turns and strict stocking policies.

• To ensure inventory categorisation is maintained and Slow and Obsolete Moving Stock (S.L.O.B.S) are returned to the supplier base or utilised through the business

• To use re order reports to manage the ordering process ensuring on time delivery of goods to the required date keeping back orders to a minimum.

• To evaluate the strategic supply chain solution linked to business growth and demand.

• To provide a weekly update on key performance indicators and critical department data.

• To expedite any late material to enable VOR status is kept to a minimum whilst maintaining minimal Inventory.

• To participate with stocktaking of inventory throughout the year.

• To maintain a regular level of communication with all other departments to make all processes as efficient as possible.

• To participate in annual parts tender of all makes to obtain competitive pricing with a view to winning the bid and the additional business.

Essential/desirable requirements including required qualifications


• Previous experience in negotiating commercial terms with new and existing suppliers for existing and new product ranges.

• Previous experience of setting up and reviewing of existing and new long term supplier agreements.

• A good understanding of Sage Line 1000.

• Excellent communication and team working skills.

• Excellent computer skills to include Microsoft Office.

• Experience in buying all makes automotive parts.

• Experience in completing part tenders.


• Previous experience of buying, planning and scheduling.

• Previous experience of a working in automotive parts.


Problem solving and decision making

• Practice direct thinking and action in situations for which no routine solutions exist.

• Understand a problem situation based on planning and reasoning.

• Demonstrate the ability to choose between alternative courses of action.

• Demonstrate the ability to map processes of possible consequences of decisions, to work out the importance of individual factors, and to choose the best course of action.

Teamwork and collaboration

• Demonstrate a commitment to achieve a common objective.

• Understand the dynamics of effective teamwork in order to attain higher levels of performance.

• Demonstrate a commitment to engage teams from other departments.

Accountability and responsibility

• Demonstrate a willingness to accept responsibility and accountability for your actions.

• Coach and mentor team members in order to achieve the department goals and objectives.

• Exhibit a moral and legal accountability for the department.

Customer focus (internal and external)

• Ensure all activities are built around the customer.

• Proactively promote the expectation that every department and every employee should share the same customer-focused vision from the beginning to the end of the process.

• Practice good customer relations management and maintain customer relations at all times.

• Demonstrate the ability to balance the needs of the company and the needs of the customer.

Planning and organising

• Effectively plan what is to be achieved and involve all relevant team members.

• Anticipate important events, identifying resource requirements and assigning responsibility for specific work, including deadlines and performance expectations.

Interpersonal skills

• Relate to suppliers, colleagues and team members cross functionally.

• Maintain a positive, supportive and appreciative attitude.

• Actively listen to others and demonstrate understanding of different points of view.

• Encourage people to work together to solve problems and improve practices and services.

• Explore and resolve conflicts as they arise.

• Communicate clearly to avoid misunderstanding.

Adaptability to Change

• Embrace change when it happens.

• Lead people through change and take ownership for creating a future vision and direction.

• Actively seek out opportunities for change within the department.

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