Mechanical Engineer

Job Title: Mechanical Engineer

Status: Permanent

Department: Engineering

Location: Sherburn-in-Elmet

Reporting To:  Head of Engineering  


As Mechanical Engineer you will be a key member of the Engineering team working within the Product Development life cycle process with the flexibility to be deployed in all aspects of our continuous product development programmes.  You will develop detailed engineering activities to support our New Product Development, Production and Assembly build support and / or Aftermarket follow-up and rectification works.  Working closely with our suppliers, manufacturing partners and Sales teams you will ensure robust engineered solutions to meet our evolving product requirements. At all times you will work to recognised engineering standards and quality control metrics.


  • To maintain a regular level of communication with all other departments to make all processes as efficient as possible.

  • To engage and interact with our Procurement and Suppliers to refine and develop our specifications and requirements.

  • To develop new and innovative solutions for our new and current products.

  • To demonstrate a thorough understanding of legal and regulatory requirements and their approval(s) and or certification process.

  • To ensure compliance for our product life cycles, engineering development, release and document control.

  • To work effectively and accurately within our BOM and configuration system.



  • High degree of commercial awareness within a manufacturing/operational type sector

  • Experience with complex CAD packaging systems modelling installations, proving clearances, clash detection, articulation/movement, vibration, (NVH). Experience with welded structures and tubular frame constructions. Examples: Engine, Axle, Suspension, Cooling packaging, thermal and heat performance calculations.

  • Key understanding of mechanical loading, durability, data collection and validation testing.

  • Thorough understanding of Engineering release and control procedures.

  • Excellent computer skills to include CAD Solidworks and Microsoft Office packages.

  • Engineering Degree Qualified, and or extensive experience gained within the automotive or similar industries.  

  • Good all-round project / management leadership skills and problem-solving techniques.


  • Previous experience with complex electro-mechanical devices, engine and or chassis control systems. 

  • Proven leadership skills gained within a medium to heavy type engineering application or within complex type mechanical systems and applications.

  • Ability at goal/target setting, programme management and measurement of personal and departmental activities and KPIs plus being comfortable with performance/appraisal related activities.

  • Knowledge of physical testing / validation activities.

  • Base knowledge of electrical interface would be advantageous.

  • Experience of advanced master schedule planning or product planning.

  • Experience of working in a production or assembly facility producing complex machines or assemblies.

  • An understanding of Sage Line 1000.


  • Awareness of the needs of others

  • Have an understanding of business needs and goals.

  • Have perspective into other points of view, cross functional working, management stakeholders.

  • Build rapport and credibility with colleagues across internal departments.

  • Anticipate needs and respond to concerns and conflicts.


  • Demonstrate a high degree of professional engineering integrity

  • Demonstrate trustworthiness and professionalism with our suppliers and in-house production support team members.

  • Respond in a timely with consistency in all situations.

  • Avoid conflicts between work and personal interests or activities.

Continuous learning

  • Demonstrate an interest in personal learning and development.

  • Seek feedback from multiple sources about how to improve, develop and modify behaviour based on feedback or self-analysis of past mistakes.

  • Steps are taken to develop and maintain the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary to achieve positive results.

  • Actively pursue other opportunities to develop knowledge and skills.

  • Anticipate changes in work demands and treat unexpected circumstances as opportunities to learn.

  • Engage in career development by identifying occupational interests, strengths, options and opportunities.

  • Seek out additional training to pursue career goals.

Effective communication 

  • An excellent communicator both personally and technically.

  • Comfortable with presentation, review and discussion of information and data.

  • Expresses information to others that considers the receiver and the nature of the information.

  • Speak clearly and confidently to all audiences.

  • Organise information logically by using appropriate dialogue while at the same time tracking and reacting appropriately to responses.

  • Receive, attend to, interpret, understand and respond to verbal and written messages.

  • Pick out important information, be able to interpret complex instructions and appreciate the feelings and concerns behind verbal messages.

  • Practice meaningful two-way communication by communicating clearly, paying attention, seeking to understand others, actively listening, clarifying information and attending to non-verbal cues.

  • Influence others by persuasively presenting thoughts and ideas.

Interpersonal skills  

  • Proven ability to develop, motivate and mentor team members at all levels.

  • Relate to suppliers, colleagues and team members cross functionally.

  • Maintain a positive, supportive and appreciative attitude.

  • Actively listen to others and demonstrate understanding of different points of view.

  • Encourage people to work together to solve problems and improve practices and services.

  • Explore and resolve conflicts as they arise.

Adaptability to Change

  • Embrace change when it happens.

  • Promote opportunities for change within the department.