Gender Pay Gap Reporting


MeanMedianMean BonusMedian BonusMales Receiving Bonus PayFemales Receiving Bonus PayProportion of males in Quartile pay bandProportion of females in Quartile pay band  Notes:
  GPG (%)  GPG (%)GPG (%) 12mths prior to the 5th April 18GPG (%) 12mths prior to the 5th April 18    %    %    %    % 
1.78.6-102.6- Quartile 1
      92.47.6Quartile 2
      97.42.6Quartile 3
      89.910.1Upper Quartile 4

Gender Pay Gap Commentary: April 2019

This statement is published in accordance with the Gender Pay Gap Reporting regulations under the Equality Act 2010 (gender pay gap information) Regulations 2017 which came in force on 6th April 2017.

This legislation requires UK employers with 250 or more employees to publish annual statutory calculations showing the pay gap between male and female employees.

The gender pay gap is not the same as equal pay. Equal pay ensures that men and women receive the same pay for carrying out the same work, or equivalent work. The gender pay gap is a simple average figure for all employees within the UK workforce, irrespective of the job that they do.

This report is for Optare Group Limited, and in line with the guidelines the data reflects payments made on the 5th April 2019 to relevant employees as defined under the regulation. The hourly rate includes base salary and other allowances, as well as individual and company performance-based bonus payments received over the previous 12 months.

The results are a reflection of a high number of males employed in the business, in engineering design, field-based engineers and coach building roles which is typical of an organisation operating in the UK bus and automotive sector. The business is reliant on the employment of skilled engineers, apprentice trained coach builders, painters, mechanical and electrical applications from schools, higher education or universities.

Whilst we are committed to gender equality and encouraging development of women in the workplace, the number of applications received from women to work in our engineering and coach building departments are very few. This is reflective of the general challenge facing UK manufacturers to encourage more women to pursue careers in engineering, coach building, and electrical/ mechanical work.

For the purpose of gender pay gap reporting, on the 5th April 2019 the relevant population within Optare included 89.9% male and 10.1% women. The gender pay report shows a more favourable ratio of women in the Lower quartile of the business at 16.7% than the general ratio of 10.1%. The

middle quartiles (bands two and three) include coach building, engineering skilled based posts and first line managers. The fourth, upper quartile is including management levels, including technical roles

Hariharan Krishnamurthi
Chief Financial Officer


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