D&G Bus choose Optare MetroCity

D&G Bus have taken delivery of two Optare MetroCity buses to add to their fleet.  The buses join 23 Optare Solos (including one low carbon Solo) and 3 Optare Versas in the D&G Bus fleet. The Euro 5, 10.8m Optare MetroCity buses seat up to 40 and will operate on Service 16 Hanley to Leek.

David Reeves, Managing Director, D&G Bus said, “We have always found that the Optare products perform very well when it comes to fuel economy and we have heard great reports about the Optare MetroCity performance from other operators in the area. We are hoping to see a return on our investment in the form of reduced ownership costs, such as fuel consumption, within a very short time.”

Steph Baker, Business Development Manager, Optare, said, “I am thrilled to hear that the MetroCity has been so highly recommended by other operators, and that this longstanding customer of Optare will benefit from the excellent fuel economy that the MetroCity delivers.”


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