First Optare Low Carbon Solos for Perryman’s

Perryman’s the multi award winning operator with depots in Berwick upon Tweed and St Boswells have signed an order for two Low Carbon Certified Solos.  The buses are set to join 23 other Optare Vehicles in the Perryman’s fleet and will operate on cross border services in and around Northumberland, the Scottish Borders & East Lothian.

Low carbon emission buses are defined by the Government as those producing 30% less emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) than an average Euro 3 diesel bus. The Optare Low Carbon Certified 9.7m Solo SR bus, seats up to 34 and has been developed with intelligent energy management, which optimises energy usage and reduces losses.

Roddy Perryman, Operations Manager, Perryman’s, said, “Ordering these vehicles demonstrates our commitment to helping the environment.  We are continually looking at ways of making travel cleaner and more appealing to the public. Investing in these high spec low carbon vehicles will hopefully help the cause, making more people make the switch from car to bus.

Optare vehicles play a massive part in our network and the Solo vehicle works well both on our rural services and town centre routes.”

Tim Matthews, Head of Sales at Optare, said, “Our Low Carbon Certified buses are attractive operators not only because of the environmental benefits but also because Low carbon emission buses are significantly more fuel efficient, so can deliver a return on investment in the form of reduced ownership costs, such as fuel consumption.”


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