Flexible Optare Solo for Shetlands Island Council

Shetlands Island Council have purchased a 9.7m Solo manufactured by Optare.  The Euro 5 Solo features a convertible seat arrangement between 19 seats and 3 wheelchairs or 27 seats and 1 wheelchair and will be used to support the travel needs of children with additional support needs.

Elaine Park, Transport Contracts and Operations Officer, Shetlands Island Council commented, “The new Solo provides a flexible approach to configuration of the vehicle which ideally suits our service requirements. Combining that with the reliability and efficiency we’ve seen from other Optare buses in our fleet means we can be confident of continuing the development of a transport system for Shetland which will contribute to the development of a safe, healthy, vibrant and inclusive society whilst also achieving enhanced environmental quality.”
Chris Hunt, Business Development Manager at Optare, said: “We are delighted to be supplying more buses to the Shetland Islands Council, who know from experience that they have a robust, fuel efficient vehicle that appeals to drivers and passengers alike.”


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