Horsburgh choose Optare Solos for PremiAir Parking

Family run E&M Horsburgh have added two Optare Solos to their fleet.  The new Solos will operate on the PremiAir Parking shuttle service at Edinburgh Airport.

PremiAir Parking are located just a three-minute bus ride from the airport.  The Euro 5, 9m Solos seat up to 21 and are fitted with luggage racks and Wi-Fi to enhance the customer experience during the short journey to the terminal.

Eric Horsburgh, Managing Director, E&M Horsburgh, said, “We aspire to offer our customers the highest quality and put our utmost into service, quality, new technology, comfort and style.  We already have a number of Optare vehicles in our fleet and we find them to be very reliable and extremely popular with our customers, therefore they were the natural choice for us to operate on the PremiAir Parking shuttle service at Edinburgh Airport.”

Colin Blunt, Regional Sales Manager at Optare, said, “Horsburgh have been a long standing client of Optare and I am thrilled that they have chosen to purchase more Optare vehicles to add to their expanding fleet.”


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