Optare MetroCity and Solo set for New Adventure

New Adventure Travel (N.A.T. Group) has added ten MetroCity and four Solo Optare buses to their fleet.  N.A.T. Group is one of South Wales’ leading transport providers with over 75 buses and coaches in their fleet.  The buses were officially launched at an event at Cardiff City Hall on 8 May 2015 and will operate on the Cardiff X1 route.

The ten, 10.8m 1 Door MetroCity buses, seat up to 40.  Two of the 7.9m slim line Solos are fitted with seat belts and seat up to 23, while the further two 7.9m slim line Solos seat up to 27.

Kevyn Jones, Managing Director, N.A.T. Group, said, “We already have Solos in our fleet and based on our good experiences with these vehicles ordering more was an obvious step for us.  We looked at what the one door MetroCity could offer us.  We wanted to stand out from other operators in the area and liked the styling and capacity for the size of vehicle that the MetroCity offered.”

Tim Matthews, Head of Sales at Optare, said, “We are delighted when N.A.T. Group chose to place an order at Eurobus 2014 for 10 MetroCity vehicles, the vehicle has been very well received by operators and we hope this is the first of many orders from the retail market.”


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