Optare Metrocity xFE enhancing passenger experiences at ALBUM 2017

This year’s ALBUM conference theme is “Driving the customer experience” designed to demonstrate to delegates and industry suppliers how they can improve their business by embracing a customer experience ethos with the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Optare will be displaying a high specification Metrocity that demonstrates some of its range of custom design features, such as wood effect saloon flooring, LED under seat mood lighting and e-leather seats, all designed to entice passengers.

However, Optare haven’t stopped the refinement of the Metrocity there, the Metrocity xFE Euro 6 bus features not only the latest Mercedes Euro 6 cleaner diesel technology but also the Allison xFE transmission with a FuelSense® Max software package.  Incorporating optimized gear ratios coupled with the FuelSense® Max package, the Allison xFE transmissions have been designed to deliver significantly more lock up operation and operate at lower engine speeds in higher ranges for further fuel economy improvements. 

During recent independent testing conducted under conditions representative of actual service, the Euro 6 Metrocity with a T3270R xFE™ transmission and FuelSense® Max returned a fuel economy improvement of 8 percent over the previous model.

Robert Drewery, Commercial Director at Optare, said. “At Optare our focus is to manufacture vehicles that not only reduce operating costs but also entice passengers to use the bus.  At Optare we work closely with operators to find ways to enhance our buses to make them more attractive and comfortable for passengers.  The Metrocity xFE is a prime example of Optare’s commitment to manufacture a vehicle with reduced whole life costs and maximum passenger appeal.”


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