Optare shortlisted for National Transport Award

Optare has been shortlisted for Transport Supplier of the Year by the National Transport Awards judging committee for making a significant contribution to improved air quality and reduced emissions in our towns and cities with Optare electric buses.

88 Optare electric vehicles are currently in successful operation in the UK and Europe, making Optare the market leaders in the UK for this technology.  The electric buses have zero tailpipe emissions and are proven to reduce well to wheel carbon footprint by over 50% in comparison with equivalent diesels.

Enrico Vassallo, CEO, said, “I am delighted that our electric bus technology has been recognized and shortlisted for this prestigious industry award.  We continue to work with the LowCVP, DfT, SMMT, TfL, operators and local authorities to promote the uptake of electric vehicle technology and ensure sustained successful operation of these vehicles, whilst gaining


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