Optare Solo the bus of choice again for Yeomans

Yeomans of Hereford have recently taken delivery of three new Solos. The family run coach company has been serving Hereford & it’s County since the 1920’s.

9.2m Solos seat over 30 and two of the three are fitted with seatbelts. The new Solo purchases are part of a fleet upgrade programme and will serve routes around Hereford. Last year Yeomans also purchased four new Solos as part of this upgrade programme.

“We have always run Optare Solos on our routes around Hereford as their size, manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency make them perfect for our routes. We have run Optare Solos for a long time and have been very pleased with their performance and the aftermarket support Optare provide.”

Nigel Yeomans, Managing Director

“I am delighted Yeomans who are a longstanding customer of Optare have chosen the Solo once again.”

Steph Baker, Optare, Regional Sales Manager

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